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Six IC
Bladder Health Formulas

Supports Wellness Quality of Life

Bladder Health & Urinary Discomfort is Unique in Every Person


60 Capsules

PEAORA PEA-500® is an entry-level IC bladder health and discomfort support formula that may help super sensitive individuals who struggle with chronic pelvic pain.

ICN Interstitial Cystitis Supplements
Bladder Rest® IC Supplement

Bladder Rest®
120 Capsules

Bladder Rest® is another robust entry-level IC bladder health and discomfort support option that may help sensitive individuals who struggle with chronic pelvic pain, frequency an urgency...

ICN Interstitial Cystitis Supplements

180 Capsules

CystoMend® is a stronger IC bladder health and discomfort support formula with higher amounts of HI-Q™ (high absorption) quercetin, chondroitin sulfate, and glucosamine.  In addition, CystoMend® includes rutin, D-mannose, pumpkin seed and olive leaf extracts...

ICN Interstitial Cystitis Supplements
BLADDER BUILDER® All-Natural IC Suppplement

120 Capsules

BLADDER BUILDER® is a stronger IC bladder health and discomfort support formula with quercetin, chondroitin sulfate, BIO PEA™ (palmitoylethanolamide), collagen peptides, probiotics vitamins, minerals and more... 

ICN Interstitial Cystitis Supplements

90 Capsules

ALOEAPTH® contains a specialized organic extraction of the Aloe Vera plant in a 200:1 ratio making this formula potent and efficacious. In addition, PEA (palmitoylethanolide) is placed for additional bladder   discomfort support...

ICN Interstitial Cystitis Supplements
BLADDER SMART® Lower Acid Multivitamin for Sensitive Bladders - Supplement

60 Capsules

BLADDER SMART® is a premium lower acid multivitamin made specifically for individuals who suffer from sensitive bladders...

ICN Interstitial Cystitis Supplements

Welcome, and thank you for choosing NAN (Natural Approach Nutrition) to be a part of your wellness journey.


Our company's mission is to support and improve the quality of life for individuals suffering from bladder and pelvic pain and lower urinary tract dysfunction. We are dedicated and steadfast in bringing you the latest and most effective natural nutraceuticals with an emphasis in urology and gynecology.


Science has shown that bladder and pelvic pain and lower urinary tract dysfunction can manifest from various origins (etiologies), which is why most medical treatments have not been successful. Every person's body and microbiome are unique. NAN has taken extraordinary steps in research and development to offer you several distinct formula options in hopes that one will be an excellent match for your particular needs.


Although we offer more nutraceutical options than any other company in these fields, we will continue improving and bringing innovation as we learn, grow, and develop. All NAN formulas are proudly made in USA GMP-certified facilities. All NAN formulas are gluten-free and non-GMO. We formulate without soy, wheat, egg, milk, fish, shark, shellfish (CystoMend® contains shellfish), and tree nuts. We use no magnesium or vegetable stearate. No artificial ingredients and preservatives are ever permitted.


Implementing a natural methodology for better pelvic health can be an excellent option for those experiencing chronic bladder and pelvic pain including LUTS (lower urinary tract symptoms). NAN nutraceuticals may take time to reach full benefit. Some individuals have gained remarkable benefits in just a week, and others have received improvement over several months. Some individuals switched to other NAN bladder health formulas for a better match. Every person's pelvic experience, body type, and medical circumstances are unique.


We are so very sorry for your pain, battles, and struggles. You are not alone in your journey. We are dedicated to this cause and will not rest until every person finds a better quality of life.


Please get well soon, and thank you again for allowing us to be part of your natural approach to support better bladder and pelvic health.


Before consuming any NAN product, please check with your doctor to ensure no contraindications with your medication or medical condition.


Kindest and warmest regards,

Team NAN Health Corp. 

NAN Natural Approach Nutrition™ / Natural Approach Urology and Gynecology™

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