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New for IC - BPS

PEAORA® OMEGA-3 is a new and advanced formula to support individuals who suffer from IC / BPS, pain, and other chronic inflammatory conditions.

PEAORA® OMEGA-3 contains a higher dose
PEA (palmitoylethanolamide) versus its predecessor PEAORA Poly 500 (now called PEA-500).  In addition, powerful Omega 3's (from micro-algae) are blended with highly bioavailable quercetin for maximum anti-inflammatory, immune, and pain relief.

Interstital Cystitis Supplement for Women

A New Support Option for IC / BPS

PEAORA OMEGA 3 Supplement Facts
PEAORA OMEGA 3 Interstitial Cystitis Supplement

Gynecologist Recommended

1. Third-Party Tested
2. Delayed-Release Vegetable Capsule
3. Drug and Antibiotic Free
4. Made in a cGMP Organic Certified Facility
5. Gluten, NON-GMO and Yeast Free
6. Preservative and Sugar Free
7. No Artificial Ingredients
8. No Magnesium Stearate or Vegetable Stearate
9. Made in the USA.
10. No Ingredients from China 

Urologist Recommended

Interstitial Cystitis ICN
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