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BLADDER BUILDER® TWo Bottle Combo-Pack

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BLADDER BUILDER® is a more advanced robust mid-level option delivering several unique mechanisms of action which may support the redcution of the following: inflammation, recurrent bladder, urinary & pelvic discomfort, frequency and urgency. 


With consistent use, BLADDER BUILDER® may support optimal bladder health, and may also help to replenish the protective layer of the bladder's GAG (glycosaminoglycan) layer.

BLADDER BUILDER® also has probiotics that support the digestive (gut) and immune system with the addition of vitamins, and minerals.  Also, this formula supports increased nitric oxide levels to support better circulation. 

BLADDER BUILDER® may be an excellent option for a more robust bladder health and recurrent bladder, urinary and pelvic support regimen.


BLADDER BUILDER® is a advanced bladder health formula is considered by several urologist to be "the gold standard" in pelvic nutraceutical science as it relates to dietary supplements.  
This highly advanced formula contains 2,350mg of efficacious bioactive ingredients in every serving (dose).  It has 9 essential vitamins, 6 premium minerals, and strains of gentle probiotics. Not to be taken by pregnant or nursing women.


Proudly made in a USA cGMP Organic certified facility.


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