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  • 50X BETTER ABSORPTION QUERCETIN™ - MOST EFFECTIVE FORM OF QUERCETIN - Our clinically studied High Absorption Quercetin™ has shown 50X more absorption and bioavailability versus the standard over-the-counter quercetin.* 
  • 7 CLINICAL QUERCETIN STUDIES - 500MG PER SERVING - It's not how much you take; it's how much you absorb.* Seven clinical studies have demonstrated that High Absorption Quercetin™ can deliver tangible health benefits to the body.* All study findings supported improved respiratory and immunity health and the lowering of histamines for seasonal allergies.* 
  • VITAMIN C & BROMELAIN ANTIOXIDANTS - High Absorption Quercetin™ has just the right amount of everything.* Vitamin C with the enzyme Bromelain are cofactor antioxidants are added to help enhance the effectiveness, absorption, and utilization of Quercetin within the body.* 
  • THIRD-PARTY TESTED - Tested & trusted ingredients. All Natural Approach ingredients are third-party tested for quality & potency before and after manufacturing to ensure the highest quality, efficacy, and safety. All NATURAL APPROACCH™ products are manufactured in a USA GMP-certified facility. 
  • VEGAN - Non-GMO AND MORE - High Absorption Quercetin™ is vegan, GMO & gluten,soy, dairy, an preservative-free. No magenisum or vegatble stearate.
  • Before consumption, check with your doctor to ensure no contraindications with your medication or medical condition. No recommended for pregant or nursing women.



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