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Promote Testosterone Naturally  

Testosterone is a critical hormone for men in all stages of life, especially during adolescence and young adulthood.

Testosterone may diminish or be inhibited as men age commonly known as "
Low T."

Introducing T-BUILDER, a clinically tested nutraceutical made of natural bioactive ingredients dedicated to helping men naturally and safely increase free testosterone.


Feeling Tired Worn Out?

If low testosterone is a concern, you may want to learn about T-BUILDER, discuss with your doctor, and discover a natural way to reignite you flame through a drug-free natural approach. Consider taking better control of your health and help promote your body's own natural testosterone levels with T-BUILDER™.

TRUTEST Men's All-Natural Free Testosterone Building Supplement

About "Low T"?

As men age, testosterone may diminish or be inhibited by aromatase, commonly known as "Low T."

"Low T" can make men more lethargic, have less energy, lose muscle mass, and gain weight.  Some men become physically feminine, have erectile dysfunction, and lose their sex drive (libido). 

Modern science postulates that many cases of "Low T" may be caused by the aromatase enzyme, which converts the body's testosterone into estrogen.

Aromatase is a necessary enzyme that is in the microbiome of healthy men; however, in today's world, with so many toxicities, such as exposure to plastics and chemicals, poor diet, blended with sedentary lifestyles and the lack of exercise, men are subjected to unhealthily higher than normal levels of aromatase. The conversion of testosterone to estrogen by the aromatase enzyme may lead to severe negative symptoms and long-term health issues for men. 

Loose Weight with TRUTEST Men's All-Natural Testosterone Support Building Supplement

Symptoms of Aromatase Induced "Low T"

TRUTEST Testosterone Building Supplment is Doctor Recommended
  • Easily tired and fatigued including the constant feeling of being "run down." Feeling like you could take a nap at almost any time especially in the afternoon.

  • Losing muscle mass or not gaining muscle mass with weight training or exercise.

  • Hard time losing weight.

  • Short fused or easily irritated.

  • Hard to focus on projects including small tasks.

  • Your libido "sex drive" has diminished and your performance suffers.

  • Erectile Dysfunction (ED)

Turning back the clock on "Low T" may be an option.

Build Testosterone and Grow Vitality with TRUTEST All-Natural Men's Supplement

It is s no secret: "Low T" can happen to any man without notice. Men in their 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s, and 60s have an increased risk of "Low T" when life's responsibilities become overwhelming. Men succumb to an unhealthy environment combined with unhealthy lifestyle choices, just trying to cope with life's daily stresses.

T-BUILDER™ is for men's health and may inhibit (help block) excessive aromatase while naturally promoting healthy testosterone production levels. Attacking the two primary sources of "Low T," T-BUILDER™ lends strong support with clinically tested bioactive ingredients.

Taking just four capsules of T-BUILDER™ per day may be a game-changer in a man's health and well-being. This perfectly-measured formula is drug-free and a natural approach that may support positive results to support a men's health significantly.


T-BUILDER™ does not require a prescription and is available online. Unlike invasive TRT injections, T-BUILDER™ is taken orally and without the dreaded needles and has no long-term adverse side effects associated with injecting testosterone. 


It is also important to remember that regular exercise, a healthy diet, and quality sleep are all essential for muscle building, natural testosterone building, overall health, and optimal health outcomes.

Along with a healthy diet and exercise, in just a few short weeks, you may experience more energy, faster recovery time, an overall better-looking physique, a healthier sex life, and an improved quality of life.

TRUTEST Men's Supplement is Proudly Made in the USA
Gain Muscle, More Energy and Increase Testosterone with TRUTEST Men's Natural Supplement

When It Come To Natural Testosterone Support
There is No Comparison


Bioactive Ingredients

Clinically-Studied ingredients with proven track records.

Effective dosages based on the latest science 2,812mg per serving.

Naturally-sourced ingredients which
are safe and do not require a doctor's prescription.

Organic Ashwagandha (Vegan)
800mg+ Per Serving.

Honest results with excellent patient outcomes.

Clinical Studied Highly Bioavaillable Fenugreek & Grape Seed Extracts

Works on the root cause of Low T and promotes existing testosterone.

Zinc, B6, D3, K2 MK-7

Vegan. Gluten-Free. Non-GMO.
Made in a cGMP organic facility.

Nitric Oxide Boost: L-Ctrulline / Taurine

Proudly manufactured in the USA

No Preservatives. Nothing Artificial.

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